Yes, we canbuild a websitein 5 days!

Professional graphic design, Fully responsive layout, Thoughtful UX/UI, Spectacular Animations

Who does it work for?

For those who's wise enough to understand that nowadays an expert team can build professional websites very fast. Especially when you're looking for a Landing page, a Promo-site, an Info Site or a Blog

Roman Tsyganov

Only a few days are left before the event and you were supposed to have the landing page done for it yesterday ... Well, we meet our deadlines thanks to The Head team!

Dasha Gauser

After working together on an online store we do all of our projects with the guys, including the projects for my corporate clients

Vitaliy Groshev

Before working with the The Head team, I'd thought that all of this web design stuff was pretty difficult and my website was never going to be finished. Everything turned out to be much easier and way faster than all other "experts" had made me believe

Sergey Vyalov

The Head guys built me an awesome personal website and I had the time to run a lot of different quick tests prior to launching the new product

How We Do it

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Day 1

Analyzing and Prototyping

We analyze the task at hand and your competitors. Then we highlight the best practices in your market segment. Next we work on a prototype and three stylistically diverse design options for you to choose from

Day 2

3 style options to choose from

We offer you to choose from 3 stylistically different sets of graphical elements which include: typography, colors, buttons, input fields, icons, etc.

Day 3

Design Revisions

We send you layouts of all website pages (Figma) in three different screen resolutions. Then we work with your feedback and make any and all necessary edits

Day 4,5

A Webflow-based Website

Working on the final revisions for the design layout and adding animations. We do all that keeping in mind most of the existing PC and Mobile screen resolutions

+7(920) 297 0877

We are located in Moscow. We speak Russian and English and are always open to your ideas.



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